Elrond’s eGold arrives at eToroX after announcing

Elrond’s eGold arrives at eToroX after announcing an unusual project

Elrond is first and foremost a blockchain that promises to deliver outstanding scalability. It offers an improvement of 1 to 1,000 in the throughput and speed of transaction execution, compared to existing decentralised networks. Consecration, eToro has just announced the listing of the native eGLD token on its eToroX platform.

A new typology of investors

The Elrond project teams have just announced that eGold will be included in the eToro exchange ecosystem, and available for exchange from Wednesday 23rd December 2020. Indeed, the eGLD token will be listed on eToroX, a platform designed for an institutional audience wishing to operate within secure and trustworthy infrastructures.

Indeed, the Israeli company eToro already offered trading services in the equity, commodities and foreign exchange markets. Recently, it has been integrating Crypto Engine digital assets into its offering catalogue. It has more than 15 million users worldwide and an estimated capitalisation of $2.5 billion.

After 12 months of observation, eToro is strengthening its presence in a market that has recently focused the interest of institutions, after reaching a new historical high for Bitcoin. The exchange platform will offer the eGLD token, which is still little known by institutions, but which has all the cards to establish itself as an essential value.

Indeed, Elrond and its eGLD token (formerly ERD) have been designed to offer an Internet-wide blockchain. This ambition is based on two major innovations: adaptive sharding and a secure proof of stakes (PoS) algorithm. Elrond’s network can process an average of 15,000 transactions per second (TPS), which is unmatched by the 7 TPS of the Bitcoin network and the 14 TPS of the Ethereum network.

„Maiar“, the new decentralised Venmo

Recently, another major piece of news has also appeared in the Elrond project news: the introduction of Maiar.

This payment application, whose official launch is scheduled for 31 January 2021, will, among other things, make international payments easier.

„During its ten years of existence, Bitcoin has proven that cryptomoney is secure and can play an important role in the 2.0 economy. Elrond opens up new possibilities by offering Internet-wide blockchain performance and an intuitive application called Maiar. This is intended to facilitate a new wave of adoption, which will see millions of new entrants using blockchain-based services“.

Beniamin Mincu, CEO and founder of Elrond Network

Indeed, with the Maiar wallet, the Elrond project aims to speed up the widespread adoption of cryptomoney. The application aims to provide a complete range of services, in the image of the giants of digital payment such as PayPal, Venmo, or Google Pay.